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Our Organisational Profile









Full Legal Name 

Migrants and Minorities Network 


Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 76

04275 Leipzig 




+49 176 92114870


Type of Organisation: 

Is the partner organization a public body? No

Is the partner organization a non-profit? Yes 

Brief Presentation

Migrants and Minorities Network is a youth network, which aims to empower youths from socially vulnerable groups or deprived backgrounds. Many of its members have a personal history of migration and experienced discrimination, hate speech and exclusion - Creating a network has therefore been an essential step towards closer cooperation, empowerment of individuals and developing strategies on how to make youth work and political engagement more inclusive.

Besides creating and informative website and a counseling service, we are developing and implementing projects on inclusion, strategies to encounter discrimination and active citizenship. Our core mission is to make education, learning opportunities as well as scholarships/funding accessible for all youths, so they can build their personalities and professional careers.

With our work, we want to empower disadvantaged youths to get engaged, to realize their rights and duties as citizen, to take responsibilities in their communities, to develop a critical mind and media literacy, so they can take part in the societal change in order to encounter all current and future challenges. Global developments, such as climate change or the populistic trend in politics can only be tackled with cooperation and the inclusion of disadvantaged youths.

In our organizational structure we developed from a small group of engaged youths, working for different local NGOs to an almost officially accredited association (Verein) in Germany. By taking parts in various Erasmus+ projects and activities, we gained professional experience in project management and multiplied the impact, the efficiency and quality of our youth work.

Activities and Experiences relevant for Applications

Migration is one of our core topics, so we not only theoretical expertise but also personal experiences regarding the issues of migration, discrimination and post-colonialism. Our target group in Germany consists mainly of people with a personal history of migration or refugees, so we are continuously learning strategies of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, cultural sensitivity and how to encounter discrimination and racism. Based on these experiences, we developed a training course to share our gained knowledge, to exchange on the issue of discrimination, islamophobia and biased media and to establish a network of likeminded engaged individuals. 

Regarding the importance of (online) media in modern life, especially for youths, we often use them as an effective tool in youth work: With methods such as digital storytelling, social media campaigns or online arts, we give our beneficiaries a platform to express themselves and increase our scope. Some members of our network are qualified media experts, who will give valuable insights on the topic from a German perspective.

Skills and Expertise of the Key Staff

Lucienne Pritzkau

Skills and Expertise >


- B.A. Political Science at the University of Leipzig

- M.A. International Affairs at the Graduate Institute Geneva 

- Qualification „Facilitator in Civic Education “: Knowledge and experience in non-formal

learning, work experience as an expert/facilitator on topics such as sustainability, globalization, development policies and migration

- Expertise in project management: Legal representative and co-founder of Migrants and Minorities Network, responsible for project development and financial funding, experience as a facilitator in both local and international projects ( 3 projects in Leipzig, 3 Erasmus+ training courses)

- Social engagement in various NGOs and local initiatives 

- Expertise on non-violent communication and media literacy

- Proficiency in English (C1), French (B2) and other foreign languages 

Togoldor Gerelsul

Skills and Expertise >


- B.Sc. Psychology at the University of Leipzig 

- Engaged in youth work since 2015, co-founder of Migrants and Minorities Network, took part in several Erasmus+ training courses

- Facilitator in civic education, freelancer for various associations (TeamGlobal, Verein zur Förderung des Politischen Handels) 

- Personal history of migration and discrimination

- Proficiency in English (B2) and Mongolian (C1)

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