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Visual Youth Work

Visual Youth Work was an Erasmus+ training course implemented in Puck, Poland (15-21 March 2021) for facilitators, trainers, youth workers, and activists who wanted to explore new methods for delivering knowledge to the learners, especially those at risk of exclusion. The main belief behind the project was that education can be fun,and we can find many creative ways to make it more effective.

That is why in our training we focused on understanding what graphic facilitation is and how to find a visual language that in an easy but powerful way will help us make our working materials and presentations more exciting and effective.

We focused on training youth workers who did not have much previous experience related to arts and drawing, as we believe that everyone is creative (even if this creativity is hidden somewhere deep inside) and that everyone is able to learn how to draw and create visually stunning educational content.

Here is a small video summarizing the training course in Puck:

Learning Objectives

  • Drawing basic shapes and simple figures of people and their feelings Writing in different styles

  • Combining different elements to create your special visual language

  • Creating educational materials using your new drawing skills

  • Basic theory of how people learn

  • Adjusting content to the needs of young learners from vulnerable groups

  • Practical information about other visual tools that can be used in youth work (storytelling and participatory photography)

Project Publication

Download PDF • 755KB

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